Just about everything tastes better toasted - bread, cheese, nuts need I go on. One reason is the physics of the maillard reaction. - Physics lesson here: But more than that, I think, is the realisation that toast is: Bespoke (for you) Handmade with care (so it doesn't burn) Ephemeral (cold toast - not so great) Toast is a small perfectly formed treat where I went the extra mile, just for you! So I wonder what else (ideas, services, products, relationships) could be toasted? Just about everything, is better with a bit of extra love and care. This thought was started by something I read by Seth Godin, who has a lot if interesting thought and it made me start thinking that although we live in a highly mass produced and mechanised world, actually we are also surrounded by the handmade and the bespoke. So many of us run small businesses and often what makes us special is the ability to be offer a bespoke service and a product that is truly handmade and fit for purpose. And social media is so often the way we discover these perfectly formed and unique products and share them with our friends.


15 May 2015


12 January 2015

How many excuses?

22 September 2014

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24 March 2014