So you want to get social?

Two questions you should answer before joining the social media party:

  • What you want to achieve through getting social?
  • How much time have you got?

Social media can do many things, but what do you want to use it for…

Research, brand recognition, new business, relationship building, web traffic, networking, customer service, SEO, increased sales…

You need a clear marketing strategy, with social media as an integrated part of the bigger picture.

You are busy building your business, have you got time to build your audience too? Social media might have a low cost barrier to entry, but it can be the biggest time suck, time which should be spent on other areas of your business.

Look at what time you have available, which platforms your audience uses and where you can make a consistent contribution to the conversation. Consistency and content are the key to successful social media.

Pop Social run monthly workshops that help businesses decide which platforms work for which audiences.  We can help make the most of your time online and invest your resources where they will get the best return.

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