Selfie With Rembrandt

The National Gallery along with many others has changed its policy and now allows you to take pictures of paintings in the galleries. Not only does this give the security staff extra cause for anxiety but it has almost put the audio guide out of business. Now you can take a photo of your favorite painting and just google it there and then on your smart phone to find out all about it.

But of course no experience is complete today unless we can validate it with a selfie that says I woz here. But what does this do to our experience of portraiture? No longer do we look for the lens through which they were painted, the peculiarly revelation of time and place that we can so often glimpse through the eyes of the artist. Now we have flattened that perspective and reduced great self portraits to wallpaper on our phones.


Rembrant sellfie


15 May 2015


12 January 2015

How many excuses?

22 September 2014

Selfie With Rembrandt

24 March 2014