Pizza Hut and Greggs are top youth social brands

The interesting inforgraphic below shows the latest results for the top social brands amongst the 18–24 age group.

A survey carried out by Voxburner established the age group’s favourite 100 brands and then Headstream and Social Bakers audited the content that those brands were putting on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter over a four week period. They analysed the content value, authenticity and timelines to give each brand a ranking.

The audit measured how these brands really engaged with their younger customers and despite the fact we keep hearing that youth market are leaving Facebook in their droves, it continues to be the largest social platform for consumers.

Brands are looking elsewhere to target the younger generation, but for now Facebook still seems to be the preferred platform, with 95% of the top 100 youth brands using a Facebook page.

Twitter is used successfully by brands for engagement, whilst Facebook is more content driven. Google+ remains in the shadow of Facebook with only 53% of brands having a Google+ page.

It will be interesting to see how this changes over the next 12 months and see which brands move towards Instagram, Snapchat, vine and more to capture the hearts, minds and pounds of the youth of today.

To read more about this click here to download a PDF document.


15 May 2015


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