Facebook Crimes You Should Avoid

So you have decided to create a meaningful presence for your business on Facebook, an enticing shop window to showcase what you do. So how do you raise your profile without committing social media crimes that could undo all your hard work?

Engaging and building a decent audience takes time and the internet is crammed with tips and techniques to grow your audience, but here are a few mistakes you should try to avoid:


You spent all that time setting it up, but you must remain active to make it work for you and to avoid disengaging your followers.

Too much information

On the flip side don’t overcrowd and spam your fans news feeds with one-way, un-engaging sales messages or chatter. They don’t want to be constantly sold-to, they want you for your personality, insights and expert knowledge. If you are not subtle and helpful your fans will at best unsubscribe to your news feed and at worst, stop liking you altogether.

Respond quickly

Respond to good or bad posts about your service or product quickly and address any negativity head-on. Never hide or delete negative comments unless they are offensive to your audience. However, if someone post spam on your page, you can block them from posting.


Want to nurture brand ambassadors? Don’t ignore them. If someone posts a positive comment, thank them. Show that you are listening to comments good and bad and the commentators will grow.

Play the game

Make sure you have read, understood and adhere to Facebook’s T&Cs. It wouldn’t be an good reflection on your business if your Facebook page was shut down.


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