Facebook - not just for Friends

Lots of people don’t want to be on Facebook, but the rules are you have to have a personal Facebook page to set up your company page – no one said you have to use it!

'Pages' on Facebook are a great platform for talking to your community - customers, fans or a special interest group. You can share information and advice, set up events and poll your audience on their opinions.

·      Getting likes on your business Facebook is the best personal recommendation.  Research shows that 78% recommendations from friends, where as only 18% trust traditional advertising.

·      When someone ‘likes’ your page, that adds them to a list of people whom you can market too directly.

·      Advertising your business on Facebook (and social media in general) is different from other advertising.  Here they are asking for your news, Traditional marketing usually interrupts whatever they were watching, or reading.

·      Having people 'like' your page, will benefit you as search engines give you higher placement on Google - SEO

·      Being on Facebook shows your company as a forward-thinking and modern business.

·      There are over 1 billion people on Facebook – a big and attentive audience - people spend an average of half an hour on Facebook every day.

·      More people are turning to Facebook and Twitter for customer services – this is an important tool managing your reputation.  

·      Over 51% of mobile internet use is on Facebook.  People are sharing with their hundreds of friends.  Are people talking about your business?  Probably.  Wouldn't you like to be able to speak to those people and solve the negative experiences, and celebrate the positive ones?  Definitely.

·      Facebook can be a great way to check out potential employees, to see what they are really like, as opposed to their immaculate and generic CV.

·      Once you have built a following, you can create events on Facebook, and get people to attend them.

Don't get left out, Facebook is a very powerful tool with consumers.




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