We are the sociable girls who help you to make your business popular through social media.

Between us we are rich in PR and Marketing experience and our Pop Social mission is to give you the right tools to fight your way through the noisy jungle and get yourselves heard.

We are currently hosting small, friendly, hands-on workshops in Winchester, Hampshire, giving an overview of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and a general introduction on why social media is so important as a communication and marketing tool. We explain the importance of blogging, social customer service, integrating social media with the rest of your brand and demonstrate some really useful tools.

Workshops for this Autumn will be a workshop dedicated to Instagram and its power to build your business

This will be the evening of the 4th October at 7.45


Next we will have a very practical seesion on the 18th October at 4pm to look at some hacks and tips to build your social platforms and increase your followers to grow your business.

Drop us an email a Tweet or a Message if you would like to know more

Social media for small businesses - Winchester

Come and join other small businesses around the kitchen table for some very practical advice on using social media to grow your business.  Groups are small and friendly, just 4-6 people.

Workshop are 10am - 2pm including lunch - £85 per person.  This makes it easy for people with children to drop off and pick up.

If you prefer, we can come and spend 1:1 time with you and your business and help set up and manage your social media accounts.

Follow us on Facebook for some modern marketing tips by visiting our Facebook page www.facebook.com/popsocialuk, or follow us on Twitter @popsocialuk or good ol' fashioned email works too karen@popsocial.co.uk 

Karen Levi Borley
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